Out of sight… out of mind

A small business need answers, but what they get are more questions.

What’s the best social media for our company?

Direct mail is so yesterday. Email is the best marketing tool.  But what date and time to send it?

Why do we continue using the same marketing – we never get good results.?

I don’t have time to get the copy ready for the next email blast. Check back with me next week?

Does this sound like your company?

It’s time to change your thinking about direct marketing.

  • Direct marketing, with a customer-centric focus, allows you to reach your target audience with a relevant message at a most appropriate time.
  • In order to use direct marketing successfully, you need to create a marketing culture within your company.
  • A marketing culture is formed by a collective behavior of an organizations employee’s, that are customer focused, and goal oriented. They are an integral part of change for a company to adapt.
  • These employees are viewed as a selective and vital community or team within your organization that share their success with other employees in serving customers for the benefit of the company. It’s added value to the customer buying experience.
  • A customer-centric marketing strategy is built to strengthen a company’s marketing culture. Plus, it helps to ensure change within your organization is always embraced when it’s beneficial to success.

Get your company back on your prospects radar.

Change – Create a culture – Build a strategy – Connect – Engage – Sell – Success

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