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Have I got a lead for you.

In the business-to-business market, lead generation is an on-going action to help keep the sales funnel full with viable prospects. The challenges are many and firms are always looking to improve their marketing results.

There are many lead types such as:

  • A hot lead is someone ready to buy in the immediate future. For example, this purchase may occur in zero to sixty days.
  • A warm lead is someone that may buy in the near future which maybe in four months or four years, depending on the industry and who you talk with.
  • Other lead considerations may be quantity versus quality of leads.

There are many reasons why people buy.

A purchase is prompted by an offer. Maybe the purchase may relieve pressure or the pain point of the buyer. Whatever it may be to prompt this purchase, it pays to learn why and how to nurture this lead.

Even though the buyer represents his company, there is still a personal feeling regarding a purchase that can have an effect on any transaction. Having a clearer picture of your customer is important.

Now days, people who are looking for information on a B2B product or service, turn to the web. Industry leaders in the B2B market say this is the norm. The web is full of rich content to help make decisions.

In fact, a recent study disclosed that many buyers, upwards of 70%, use the web for information before they would ever consider talking to a company sales representative. Having content relevant for your prospects needs is a very valuable marketing tool.

Direct mail with email can break through the gates of isolation.

Many in the business-to-business market that use lead generation turn to direct mail. Most have a good database or CRM product that permits extensive segmentation on customers purchase decisions and where prospects are in the buying cycle.

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But before you do:  Here’s one more point to ponder – The more relevant, comprehensive insight that marketers make available to salespeople in real time, the more likely reps are to reach out to customers at the right time with the right solution.

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