In marketing, it may take an “Aha Moment” to get a response

If you are like most people, it takes an idea or even a word to arrive at a potential solution for a problem.

Once your brain gives you the answer you quickly remind yourself “I know that!” I believe it’s called an Aha moment.

Aha moments are good, but sometimes the brain is taken over by cramps and worse yet, a freeze. You may wait a long time for that “Aha moment.” Something else may even freeze over.

Marketing is one of those occupations causing a normal person like you or me to suffer from cramping or even freezing of the cranium. A frozen cranium can be disastrous and worse yet, make one look for a new occupation.

I got the cure

There is a cure for this malady that I am willing to share with you. I digest a massive flow of information that will thaw out my gray matter. In fact, I named this lobe of the brain the “library of marketing.” I digest this information for my customers. I filter out worthless small business marketing information so you don’t have to.

I found that all people in the profession of marketing have a special lobe in their cranium for solutions to many marketing questions. It’s there in all of us, but it takes time to find it. If yours is missing in action, hang in there. As with anything good in life, it takes time.

The “Aha moment” can be a catalyst for change

How did I form this thought process and use it to build my library of marketing? By listening and learning from my customers. It’s important for a marketing person to always maintain an edge of having a customer focus. Your customers are always telling you what they think of your product and service.

In fact, my present research shows that you need to appeal to many new types of customer as well. In order for you to experience this “Aha moment,” you also need to embrace change. Throw away all those non-eventful marketing activities and begin a customer focus.

The next time you get stuck with a marketing problem, try it. Turn to your customers. When you do, the “Aha moment” is triggered by the brain. Plus, it may open the door to your library of marketing.

How to get more “Aha moments” using Customer-Centric Marketing in a small business

If you are a marketing person in a small business you’ve probably discovered one of the unique circumstances of marketing, and sometimes the most frustrating, is that there is no single right answer why marketing works, or why it doesn’t.

For example, look at the variety of communication tactics we now have to use with email. There are so many ways to attract the reader’s attention and increase response. Response is always very high on our to-do-for-you list.

You may not need to re-invent the wheel

It’s a great idea to remember how important it is to look at the particulars of how to correctly generate a response. How do you determine which tactics to employ, and where do you start?

If you’re like me, you have saved many samples of successful direct marketing campaigns from golden age of direct mail, emails, display ads, or an industry paper that you felt was effective in attracting attention. I even save marketing campaigns created by others that may have caught my eye.

So, ask yourself

  • What motivates you to set a direct mail piece aside, pitch it or read it immediately?
  • Next, if an email caused you to react immediately on the offer, why?
  • If a direct mailer used an envelope, was it the size, color or shape of that envelope that attracted you? If it was a post card, what drew your eyes into the copy? Did the design cause you to flip it over? Was there a CTA (call to action) in a display ad?
  • If the marketing communication used personalization was it specifically to your needs? Was your name spelled correctly?
  • Did you react positively to the style and the tone of the promotion?

Next, ask your marketing and management teams these same questions. Remember, not everyone’s brain is wired the same way.

Once your analysis is complete, it is a good idea to consider many of the other marketing communication channels that can have an impact on a campaign response. You may be surprised that even some of the old traditional channels need to be reviewed to see how they can match up with online selections, if any, to be more effective.

Always review and keep on asking

Review all your answers, correspondence, and recommendations to find the clues that can unlock a great response to future marketing ideas. Listening is a valuable skill for successful marketers.

As always, there is probably never one answer, so testing and using analytics can help you to advance one or two of the ideas for use in the next marketing campaign.

Customer-Centric Marketing is not brain surgery, but it can train the brain to give you your marketing answers much quickly. So search for your key and have a great “Aha moment!”

Please share your thoughts. They may help someone else reach their “Aha Moment”

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