70% of business people start searching for…

a new business or service online.



There are many sources of good content online and it’s easy to eliminate the BS.

Make sure your content is good and not eliminated or considered BS.


Because not any content will do. It takes a certain talent in creating content that works.

Imagine if your content was able to:

  • Give readers a reason to read
  • Give readers time to take action.
  • Demonstrate your industry knowledge.
  • Foster worthwhile business relationships.
  • Set the table for more sales.
  • Consistently rich in keywords to attract users.
  • Work 24/7 specifically in communication channels your readers prefer to use.

That’s what you find in world class marketing  content. But most impotant, our content is affordable. Now partner with a marketing mentor that enjoys sharing his skills.

Need a content review? It’s always a great idea to see how to get more out of your content. Please get in touch.

Does it appear to you that more employed people are under the umbrella of marketing?

It’s true according to a 2012 survey conducted by Duke University and the AMA. In terms of both department size and budget, there are Marketing opportunities. In August 2010, the number of marketing employees as a percentage of total number of employees was 2.3% and in February of this year, this figure rose rapidly to 11.0%.

The umbrella of marketing is getting much bigger. The new roles and titles may surprise you.

What are some of these new marketing roles?

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