Building customer loyalty with trust…

is now more important to assure customer satisfaction.

Your action as a company and commitment to customer satisfaction is one of the easiest means for you to establish trust. Any successful relationship is built on trust, and if you set that as a goal for your company, you will be rewarded.

Here are a few questions that you need to answer before you start sharpening the pencil to write down ideas for a trust promotion.

  • Is your company actually addressing people’s needs?
  • If yes, do they believe you? The simplest test is to ask your customers.
  • Talk with your company supervisors. Do they confront hard issues in a timely fashion?
  • Do your employees make excuses for errors made during a customer order?


Make sure your company honors exceptional promises. Numerous companies tout service but few deliver. If you make promises you cannot keep, the life of your company is on a ventilator. It’s only a matter of time before it switches to off.

There is always time to make amends to a customer. But if it happens again, your order is hanging by a thread. Here are a few ideas to establish stronger trust with customers.

Use testimonials.

Are you actually addressing people’s needs? Do they believe you? The simplest way to get your customers opinion is to ask them. People pay more attention to what other people say about you than to what you say about yourself. Testimonials from people who have had a positive experience with your company make the task of building trust easier. Whatever you do to build customer referrals and word of mouth, including frequent-buyer programs, prizes or discounts, will be well worth it.

Use editorial writing styles rather than ads.

People resist a hard sell. And they resist and distrust ads that seem too good to be true. The amount of information online can question, whether true or false, and blast holes in any hard sell. When your approach is softer – more one on one – when you include testimonials and stories – you build trust. Nowadays, with the information excess experienced by consumers, it’s easier for them to be skeptical.

Give away something.

People like “Free.” Whether it’s an article, report, workshop, or a free in-home demonstration, you add credibility and trust to the relationship. The giveaway should be in harmony with your product or service. If you collect personal information with the giveaway, disclose how you use this data in future correspondence.

Is your product or service benefiting all that use it? Use this simple test to learn more about people needs by asking them in return for something free. Is it better quality? Better service? Speak to a “live” person?” The answers are what the customers are valuing over competitive products or services.

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