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How many times have you seen a headline similar to the ones above and wondered – should I give it a try?

As I sit writing this, my immediate thought was to write down a bunch of old sayings that would give you a chuckle or two, but it serves no value to you.

What truly works in marketing is probably fairly unique to your company. Your customers have a lot of control in the buying decision when they decide to purchase your product or service.

As a marketer, it’s up to you to determine these buying decisions. To make matters worse, these decisions may change, depending on the weather, the color of the message, or if the price had too big of a dollar sign.

What is the answer?

Today, a marketer must be a “Manager of Marketing,” or using the acronym, MOM. During my grade school years, Mom always made sure I was ready for anything. And some days more than others, I was always ready for anything!

The two must have tools that need to be in your marketing collection is testing and analytics. These tools give you insight to the way your customers react or don’t react to a message.

Most of the time it is not one simple answer, but what these tools help you do is to think. Just like any good manager, you need to be sharp and always on your game.

I have managed a lot of marketing programs in my time as an owner of a direct marketing agency. However, the use of new testing procedures and analytics is about the biggest game changer since the advent of customer databases or CRM. Your going to like this new marketing. I’ll even guarantee it.

In a recent blog, I referred to the new marketing job descriptions published by HubSpot. Click on my Facebook page. The link is in the Dec. 3rd post.

If your next marketing campaign starts to give you fits, think of “MOM.” Mom’s always have an answer.

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