A tried and true method for direct marketing success

Today’s customers and prospects can be reached by using one of many tactical marketing channels. There’s email, Facebook, Twitter, Websites, telephone, and direct mail – just naming a few selections until the next social wave hits the market.

What is a marketer to do?

The glaring question most people ask us after reading a channel selection list is, “Which marketing channel is the best one for us to use?” The best answer may be all of them, but it really depends on what channel does your customer prefer. You see, they have control of the marketing channels you can use to communicate with them.

A customer may not always be right, but they have control.

Trying to force feed your message using a channel other than what the customer prefers to use, is not the best way to build a relationship and more importantly, trust with your customers. And it may be a channel you discovered but does it need customer permission to use it?

Sometimes it can be a multitude of channels and it is difficult to select the right channel to use at any given time.

Fortunately todays databases can handle a multitude of data including many options for the customer to use to communicate. In fact, a database can help you to segment a message based solely on channel usage.

Now is a good time to look over your data.

There has never been a better time to start using marketing and customer data to build models on their preferences and to use this data for business growth. Answer this question – How many communication tactics do you use in one day?

In addition, there are other niche segments you may need to consider other than communication channels. For example, why is product A bought by males more than females? If you are using analytics, you know that an open mind can be your best source of better engagement with your market.

Before you dive right in and look at a database purchase, you need to look at your different segments of customer differentiation.

Here an easy to follow process that I use.

If you want a few basic ideas on segmenting your database, I assembled two very easy to understand charts based on an employee/supervisor or business hierarchy chart.

The first chart is a four by four method of segments of customers and prospects based on sales dollars.

The second chart is the same four by four segment method but is based on communication channels customers prefer.

In our next post, I’ll provide you with a list of my best reasons to start upgrading your data collection and analysis base. For example, how to send relevant messages that can create more purchases.

Until the next post, keep building or upgrading your data. If you have any questions, call me (800-251-3608) or post it.

You’ll be immensely surprised on how easy it is to use and to achieve better marketing results.

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