Here’s a proven marketing tip which will save and make you money.

Every business owner discovers first hand marketing is more valuable when they see results using a customer-centric marketing strategy and focus.

Every time I see the word “tip” I cringe. A marketing tip leads to many other questions. But my tip is like a “well-crafted ornate origami structure.” This marketing structure is the culmination of my experiences acquired as a small business marketing consultant.

Yes, there are many tips offered to a small business to better market their product and services. Go ahead and Google the phrase “small business marketing tips.” My search disclosed over 85 million and it only took 0.27 seconds to build their list. You will need considerable more time than a ¼ of a second to help sway you on what may work for your company.

Writing from personal experience, be careful with any answer you select in a search. There is never a right answer that will work for everyone. And rest assured there is no easy answer. If so, then everyone would own a business. Right?

Because there are so many variables involved with the word marketing, one wrong “fold” in your origami creation can significantly ruin the final product. Now add in the human element involved in a purchasing situation and a marketing campaign melt-down can easily result in failure.

The leadership in a small business must understand what the right marketing can do for her company and how proven marketing campaigns turn prospects into customers. If that belief is missing, then there are two options. Either have an open mind to learn or stay on the same path of despair.

Once the leadership buys into marketing, it’s extremely important that marketing is given time to work. I’ve seen too many people give up and slide back into the abyss of marketing failures. This abyss is bottomless because there is always room for one more company to wallow.

The one single right approach for marketing to make money and increase customers has never failed me. A small business must build a customer-centric marketing strategy based on company products, services and segmented customer profiles. The strategy will dictate what tactics and channels are best for the company to reach their marketing goals.

An added bonus of designing and building a customer-centric marketing strategy is an increase in creativity. Not just in the marketing campaigns, but with everything that you do to grow your business. People become more creative in customer service and take ownership with their own growth goals.

As I likened it to origami, a marketing strategy is a functional, goal oriented, beautiful sculpture of ideas that will bring you and your company joy and riches. These riches are duly deserved when you make the decision to embark on your customer-centric marketing direction for you and your company.

A wise owl once told me his secret to marketing success. “Keep  a sharp focus on your customer needs and always give them more than they bargained for.”

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