Another Proven Lesson to Guarantee Your Marketing Skill Set is Up-To-Date

Here’s how…

create and stick to a winning marketing and advertising program and avoid the dreaded GWD.

When a small business gets busy, it’s easy and tempting to skip a month or two or more of active marketing. This is a trap so don’t fall into it.

GWDiseaseCopyStarting at the end keeps you moving forward.

Let me ask a few questions? How long does it take you to close a sale from beginning to end? Are your monthly incoming sales dollars inconsistent? At times, do you need to rob Peter to pay Paul? Is your inventory increasing?

If you have answered “yes” to any one of these questions, you have a malady known as GWD or better known as Gut Wrenching Disease. A common symptom is a tightening of the belly muscle, around your mid-section. The pain is similar to trying to put on a pair of jeans from your junior year in high school.

What brings on a GWD?

* The temptation is always to market and advertise when you need business and not to worry or think about it when you don’t need it.

* You don’t have a formal marketing promotion calendar, and when you did a few years ago, you did not stick with it.

* Having a marketing promotional calendar on a napkin or shooting out something once a year doesn’t cure what ails you.

There’s a cure for GWD – our trusted three-step approach.

1. Small businesses that market and promote on a consistent basis –– that is, that follow a set calendar during good times and bad –– do the best job of maintaining business when business is slow, attracting new business when others are not, and eliminating the peaks and valleys so often associated with a small business.

2. Number two, you must create a formal marketing promotion calendar, based on customer and prospect needs, and stick with it. Ten to twelve contacts per month or quarter may be ideal, but let your contacts make their schedule known to you.

3. Just like healthy eating is good for you, it’s sometimes hard to stick to the marketing calendar, particularly where creative development, content and planning are concerned. However, if you don’t act like you want your clients, what kind of message is sent to them?

Even so, there are ways you can shortcut the creative process and still deliver top-notch messages to clients and prospects. Work with me by calling 800-251-3608 or leave a comment. If you’ve got GWD, I’ve got the cure.

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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