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What are the traits of a successful marketing person in a small business?

In the previous post, I spoke about a group of business owner types that I have met with over the past 30 years.

Cowboyv2This led to discussions on what compromises a good description of a marketing employee and the traits they need to succeed in a small business. Areas discussed were customer service, copywriting, email, ideas and layout, experience and other support areas helping to meet company goals.

Statistics may bore out on a variety of marketing personalities who have achieved success, but generally, each manager and business had their own particular needs, so there are many possibilities. Here is a short list of nine key traits I’ve identified:

1. Some people want buckets of money and nothing more. Pass.

2. Others want peace of mind and the ability to provide a good living for themselves and their employees. Accept.

3. It’s not easy to find a person that enjoys the responsibility of marketing in a small business. Eventually you will.

4. If they believe in themself, committed to long, hard work, and seek expertise from others, they have a good chance to succeed. Accept.

5. People working in a small business need to embrace change because every day can be different. If they agree, there is potential.

6. A marketing person can be down and then be up. It’s all part of the small business world and marketing. Accept if they enjoy a roller coaster ride.Help

7. A successful marketing person has his or her own definition of success in the small business they work at. Some require multi-levels of success. And once achieved, they set another attainment of success. Hire immediately.

8. Taking small steps, some with more risk than others, and trying not to make the same mistake twice, was a consensus for a driven marketer. Makes a great hire!

9. Maybe yes, maybe no, or just maybe parts of people’s measurement for success was realized. It depends on the person and the autonomy given to them by their supervisors. May go either way but usually is worth the risk.

Now it’s your turn. If you own or work in marketing at a small business please add your traits below in the comments, but please tell me if you’re an owner or employee.BoxedInWith-Copy

Please visit the previous post and add your response to that comment section regarding the fifth P of marketing. The winner will be announced soon. Hurry up, time’s a wasting!

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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