Create a sense of immediacy or urgency in your offer

Fishing_webAn old fishing guide once said that there is no better feeling than when a fish takes your bait and you jerk the line to set the bait. That’s when the fun begins as you try to land the one that hopefully, won’t get away.

This winter, I wrote five posts on using the fundamentals of direct marketing in your present day communications. They are tried and true direct marketing and mail fundamentals that will work with today’s many communication channels. For your convenience the list is at the end of today’s post on creating an offer to get customers to act quickly.

People who operate in the direct marketing and mail business understand the importance of creating a sense of urgency in a marketing offer. The value of having the sale happen now is that if it does not, it may not happen at all.

If the sale happens now, it increases the likelihood that another sale will happen later. Here are a few of the tried and true strategies to help your customers and prospects overcome the dreaded disease of procrastination!

Please feel free to thank the direct marketing and mail industry for sharing their past successes with you. Try them. They do work.

Increase prices.

A price increase always tracks attention. Before you raise the prices, contact all your customers and prospects to hurry and get their next order in before the increase.

People love to save money. Remind them that if they do not buy now they’ll have to pay more with the next order. Make sure you give people ample notice and time to respond.

Supplies are limited.

It may be a limited supply of last years’ version or limited at the old price. The copy should gently remind them there will be a long wait if the order is not placed by the deadline or a missed opportunity.

Bonus for ordering now!

Everyone loves to get something extra. When you add value and offer a bonus, you may be able to convince your customers and prospects to respond more quickly. This is a tried and true method that is still used extensively today – because it still works!

Use words that activate.

Hurry, call now. You have 10 days to make a decision. This offer will not be repeated. Sometimes these expressions appear corny, but they really do motivate. Buyers in today’s fast-paced economy and with digital messaging coming at them from many different directions believe them.

Obviously, there are many different ways to create a sense of urgency. Keep track of the ones that work and note if there is a particular segment of people in your database that can make the mailing even more relevant.

Combining tricks and tactics, using different communication channels, working with benefits, motivating your readers to consider something new, all point to how much fun direct marketing can be. It may not be as much fun as landing that really big fish, but it does build your revenue when everything clicks. And, that’s what we are in business for.

As promised here is the list for additional posts on the fundamentals and techniques of direct marketing and mail:

Thanks for reading. Any questions please post them below.

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