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Buy2v2The purpose of writing copy is to move people into taking action. The more you address the specific human elements that motivate your audience, the greater your chances to move them to action – to make a call, send an email or buy.

So what moves people? People cannot resist a bargain. People seek pleasure and satisfaction. People like exclusivity. People are looking for proven results. And some are even moved by greed.

People seek to improve themselves. They want to save time. People seek security and safety.

People seek power, stature, and fame, flattery from others and inside information. They are often envious, revengeful and proud.

People want to make money, save money, save time, stay healthy, become more knowledgeable, increase their status, and boost their prestige.

This is a never ending list as we try to understand the human mind and how it relates to purchasing our products and services. You need not attempt to solve the human condition in every direct marketing piece you write. What you need to do is to think carefully about what you are selling, to whom, and how best to make them want to take action.

It’s a complicated activity and, at the same time, it is easy. Your direct marketing must lead human beings to consider worthy opportunities to improve their personal situations.

It becomes much easier when you take the time to keep learning more about your customers and provide products and services that exceed their expectations.

Some of those expectations may even be in the preceding paragraphs.

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