Creativity is your key to business success

DMS-keyCreativity is a journey and you’ll need a few keys along the way to unlock the important doors. Here are a few keys I have used to open the right doors.

I have met many business owners, managers and employees throughout the years. Now I’m even meeting more through my writings and social media. I find each encounter noteworthy but especially reading the ones about their business stories or to answer a question or two.

Each business is unique

Key2SuccessIn a recent a discussion, someone asked why do people give information away for free and how can they trust free information? Those are two really good questions but have answered them many times.

Here’s my key point on the subject. Any advice may be free, but the solution may not be and unaffordable to some. Each and every small business is unique. If you’re the decision maker, you need to determine if any solution in the content you read is something worth pursuing. Always do your homework.

Value a budget

Key2SuccessThis leads to another key point. One of the main reasons a small business needs a budget is to control spending. A budget can help you determine what advice is really affordable. In my experience with small business budgets, those who have them swear by them.

Share information

Key2SuccessVery early on in my career, I worked with engineers. I learned sharing my information from one project to another with other customers, for me, opened more doors. Why? I had proof and was able to share it with them in a way an engineer would understand. Expressing the solution through sharing content was a key point that led to trust.

But since companies do not all operate the same way, solutions needed tweaking to meet other customer needs. In many situations, a company may not have known they even had a problem until they read my content in an article, white paper, case study or in a presentation.

Knowing your customer is another key point. Knowing your customer helps you become creative. Creativity leads to better solutions and ultimately to better products and services.

Focus on your customers

Key2SuccessToday is no different. In marketing, I know when a company decides to build customer profiles and learn more about prospective customers, the company successfully meets its marketing goals. It’s the key point that drives your company’s marketing. The methodology today is Customer-Centric Marketing.

Every customer is unique

Key2SuccessI know everyone in marketing struggles to understand what makes a person tick. Such as how one of a hundred emotions may figure into making a sale or losing a sale.

There are other endless ways to get a person to respond, and occasionally, that response may occur on the second Tuesday of next week. You may just need to have the right key to get an answer.

Every company and every customer is unique. There is never one correct answer, but many. That’s the main reason I enjoy what I do and share what I know. When someone responds to my information, I learn a little more about them. And, That’s been the key to my success.


Creativity is the key to success using information as a marketing strategy to assist in building business. You may have read in one of my blogs that people buy a solution – not a product – to help them lead a better life or to make more sales for their company.

When I share information, the reader might see me as a potential solution provider. It’s now up to me to make the next move so a semblance of trust can start forming. I’m always listening and trying to help. That’s the key reason I’m in business today.

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.DMS-key

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