The direct marketer’s menu of emotional appeals

You may want to think through these ideas when using multi-channel communications to move people toward a purchase.

CarBuyingDirect marketing techniques are very useful to use in present marketing tactics. Ever wonder why someone didn’t make a purchase?

Buying decisions are not made though reasoning and logic, but through the lens of wants, needs, interests, joys, fears, hopes, expectations, and regrets. Beyond the basics of water, food, shelter, clothing, and warmth, virtually everything people buy is based on fulfilling an emotional desire. Once you touch people emotionally, reasoning and logic are used merely to confirm a buying decision.

So what are the specific wants people have? To start with, people want to acquire things they don’t have enough of. These include:

* Time

* Comfort

* Money

* Popularity

* Praise

* Pride of accomplishment

* Self-confidence

* Security

* Leisure

* Fun

* Prestige

* Enjoyment

* Health

* Better appearance

* Exclusivity

* Ego gratification

* Business advancement

* Social advancement

Some of these wants are obvious. Everyone desires health, especially if they are getting older or are not in peak health to begin with. Any appeal that promises greater health, more energy, and the ability to be more active will create a strong emotional reaction.

Other wants are less obvious. Ego gratification isn’t something people discuss, and it’s not something you can mention directly in advertising copy. But everyone wants to feel important and special. This is one reason that automobile ads usually show happy, successful people at the wheel.

Next week: People not only want to gain things, they also want to avoid the loss of what they already have.

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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