Are you sending mixed signals to your customers?

medium_174449566v2You may not know if your signals are out of whack.

Most small companies, who rely on email, mail or other digital communications, would tell anyone who would listen that the key to success in marketing communications –– as well as in most all marketing –– is consistency.

Promote regularly. Email regularly. Call regularly. Mail regularly.

But also understand it’s an easy trap to fall into if you’re not careful. In fact, regardless of the way in which many companies promote, they typically always fall short when it comes to consistency.

Consistency means formulating a core story or message that conveys who you are, how you help, and how you do what you do better than anyone else, and then consistently hammering away at this message.

If customer service is your forte, bang away at it in everything you do. Show off what you do best. Build on your strengths. See, it’s exactly the same good advice you’d give to anyone who asks, “How did you build your business?”

Just make sure that 1) you establish you as the authority on what you do and 2) to encourage customers to communicate with you regarding their questions and challenges.

Dream a little dream for you.

DreamingIf you like what you’re reading, now is a great the time to expand your Dream Client List! If, for example, you have 250 customers, round up to 1,000.

You need to think about your Dream Client List for a while. But, this is a good strategic marketing activity –– one you probably ought to be doing periodically, if you’re not already doing it. You want to answer…

• What customers would I like to grab from my competitors?

• What vertical markets, if any, have I serviced best in the past?

• What types of customers are most profitable, utilizing more of the services I offer?

• What “dream” businesses in the area have I always wanted to have as clients?

• What business categories purchase the most often?

You will want to and need to build your dream list one contact at a time –– thinking about a particular company you’d like to do business with, calling to verify data, and then obtaining the name of the decision maker.

CONCLUSION: Take the time to create a core story. By doing so, every single message you deploy is consistent and supports your core story. Plus, every single message supports every single other message. Stick to your core story. Don’t let anything pull you off course!


Need help with a core story? Here’s why and how. After you read my story, call me today (800-251-3680). I’ll be happy to tell you what I can do better than anyone else!

Thanks for reading and please share my message!

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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