Getting ready to start-up a new business?

Introducing a new product or service?

So much to do, but what do YOU do first?

Recently I was asked how to determine a customer profile for a new business startup. Another person sought guidance on how to promote a new service for his business. Both were not sure where to start.

WindingRroadWhen a person starts to build a business, there are many roads to take to arrive at his/her destination. Marketing is the most critical road to maneuver because many detours arise prior to reaching the final destination. What road leads a person to an ideal customer?

A wrong turn may eventually get you a customer, but always at a much higher cost. 

Avid readers of my blog know I use the term direct marketing more than others in small business marketing. Direct marketing is the most direct route you can take to reach a potential customer with a message.

One of the many points I‘ve learned from direct marketing is that the message must stimulate the reader to buy. That point is extremely relative in today’s marketing. And knowing more about customers, their wants and needs is critical to get your message read.

What questions must you ask to get your answers?

  • What action sparks a customer’s propensity to buy?
  • Does the message reach her when she needs it?
  • Does the message say why she needs it?
  • Or is it the offer that has finally convinced her to buy?

Never stop asking questions because customer needs are always changing.

When starting a new business, list all of the buying opportunities.

Direct marketing means you need to hit your target and provide them a strong reason to buy. People don’t buy products or services, they buy opportunities. Buying decisions are not made through reasoning and logic, but through the lens of wants, needs, interests, joys, fears, hopes, expectations, and regrets. Beyond the basics of water, food, shelter, clothing, and warmth, virtually everything people buy is based on fulfilling an emotional desire. Once you touch people emotionally, reasoning and logic are used merely to confirm a buying decision.

Read our recent posts on the Direct Marketers Menu of Emotional Appeals for additional information.

Here’s why customer profiles are so essential for success.

Juliet_webThe best direct marketing is based on customer profiles of people who are more likely to buy. Everything you learn about people during the buying experience must be entered into a customer profile and add these to a database.

Companies begin to gather data such as demographics, age, male or female, homeowner, children, boy or girl, grade school or nursery school and on and on. Good data leads to sales and great data leads to more sales because the company understands their customers. Follow along with Juliet as she uses our six-point planning path to know more about customers and how to manage them.

A start-up company, or one offering a new service, can only make assumptions about their target market.

Make the wrong assumptions and the business may reach a dead end. How many dead ends can a business reach before they run out of fuel?

The best person for getting the right answers from assumptions is the one who started the business. These people are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have a vision. Something a person tells them will resonate with them and fuel the thought process with additional ideas and information about potential customers.


1. If you are the entrepreneur, don’t take short cuts by hiring someone else to do it.Heart300dpi

2. Using direct marketing successfully requires customer profiles to help them make a decision to buy.

3. An entrepreneurial start-up who gets closer to the product or service by making assumptions about potential customers and shares his or her vision with them, reaps the reward of having great customer profiles to realize a rosy future of business success.

Please visit our website to learn more about our customer-centric marketing strategy and the important role it plays in small business marketing.

Thanks for reading and please share my message!

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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