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GardenLast week I started my summer cleaning of files, dust bunny eradication and loading my car for a trip to the shredder.

Yes, I know spring cleaning ushers in the time for fresh starts with the beautiful warmer weather, but I’m way too busy in the spring. In my business, summer is slow down time for me and a chance to re-charge my batteries for fall.

People who know me swear they have never seen me sit still for more than a minute. If it’s not work, I’m always on the move doing something else. Ask anybody in advertising how killer deadlines affect their nervous system. Then you’ll know what I mean.

Ideas are out there

For example, I love to garden. Flowers, vegetables just about anything that I can plant in the ground and watch grow. Every new growing season here in the Midwest brings more new plants to try in our garden.

Just as I see more of a variety of new plants, it reminds how many changes may be occurring with your customers. You should be testing your marketing communications on a regular basis to stay one step ahead of your customer’s expectations. But you already know that, right?

If your present marketing is not bringing in the business you expect, take some time to analyze your results and look at everything from the marketing copy to the design to the selection of communications channels and so forth.

It always starts with your data

Changes in small business marketing are necessary to continue to meet your customer needs and entice more prospects to look closer at your products or services. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen poor customer segmentation, profiles or just plain negligence in a company’s contact management program or database. Some say it’s getting better but I disagree.

You can’t get by any longer with poor marketing habits. Your potential customers are much smarter and they have access to more information than ever before.

The quickest way to better results

Think of your business as a team sport. Everyone on your team needs to be a professional in meeting the needs of customers and prospects.

* Running a business today is hard, so is winning a championship.

* You have more and stronger competition.

* Buyers want to know that you can provide them with a product or service that meets their need and eases their mind. It’s a team victory that makes every fan smile.

Keep it simple

Your customers and prospects are fickle. They are not easy to understand.

Use the right marketing tools to learn more about them. After all, they know much more about your company than you are willing to acknowledge. But, by entering the knowledge you have learned about them in a database, you keep one step ahead of them all.

Got a question? Ask. Please share this post with anyone you know that may find it of interest.

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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