A box of crayons… there’s an option for everyone.

Nokia1At least up to 24 people.

Crayons first surfaced in 1903 and since then have been offered in a variety of colors. Even some colors have been retired but I’m not sure if these happened to be the ones I used to step on. On the right floor there was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Most parents can’t wait to hand the first box of crayons to their young child with hopes to see signs of a Rembrandt or Picasso. However, all parents wish the first crayon doesn’t enter the child’s mouth. According to the label in the attached photo they are non-toxic, which probably means they don’t taste good and a little less worrisome for the parents, grandparents or other crayon providers.

So what is a marketing guy who also happens to be color blind doing writing about colorful crayons?

Marketing and crayons have a lot in common. Just as there are many different shades of red or blue, there are a variety of ways to market a small business. I know for sure there’re more than 24 ways. Once I even read about 99 ways to market a business.

According to Wikipedia the present total is 133 colors of crayons. According to millions of other people there are many more ways to market a small business than all the loose crayons found in desk and kitchen drawers worldwide. Just to name a few ways I uncovered for you:

* Five cheap ways to market a business.

* 63 free (or almost free) ways to market a company.

* 30 free ways to market your small business website.

* 50+ ways to market your home business.

Someone even offered 8 ways to marketing on a shoestring. I bet that would keep your word count lower than Twitter. Should I mention fifty shades of gray? The list goes on and on but you get my drift. There’re untold ways to market a small business.

There are many options at your disposal

Getting back to the artist, there was a vision, a plan on how the final picture would look. Sometimes this final picture was great, other times so-so, and well, maybe it was disposed of. No matter what the final drawing disposition was, we rarely hear the blame or the success fixated on the crayons.

Looking back at the options a small business has to market its wares, if a selected marketing program fails, it’s the program. There are many excuses as you can imagine, but its target is rarely the business manager or owner who selected the program and exhausted the budget.

Limit your options and do your homework

If you have ever seen a ®Pantone Color Chart, you know there are a gazillion options to choose from. A person like myself who is color challenged, has a limited selection of colors to select for his master piece.

Marketing is no different. There are an endless stream of potential buyers for your goods and services. But only a select few will buy your goods and services. That’s why today, a business which is customer-centric and uses this as a marketing strategy will see the fruits of their labor. And less finger pointing. The right marketing is creative and  that my friend is a masterpiece.

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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