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Do your customer’s know your value proposition?

You have a value proposition, right? Let me rephrase my first question. When a customer visits your website or drops by your company, what’s in it for them? A value proposition can be as simple as “buy our widget today and immediately start saving time when compared to our competitor’s latest model.” If your customers […]

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How to Sell in a Challenging Changing B2B Market

No one ever said growing a business was easy. So it should come as no surprise when you find that the market isn’t always ideal for selling your products or services. Your wares may go in and out of favor. You could have growing competition. Regulations may change. Costs almost always rise, including postage for […]

Small business Strategy

Patriot Day Signifies Change for Many People

September 11th… the world as we knew it, changed forever. Twelve years ago, Americans experienced the most horrific terrorist attacks ever on our soil in New York City. Since then we have lost more Americans in overseas combat and experienced too many senseless acts inflicted by Americans on fellow Americans. Times have really changed. Patriot […]

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Customer Number One is All Your Customers – Part 2

Here’s why. (If you missed part one just click here.) You cannot wave a magic wand and expect impeccable customer service to be present. Everyone in the company must be committed to superior customer service and to prove their commitment to every first time buyer all the way to your best buyers. And as the […]