There are marketing strategies…

and then there are tactics.

Working-togetherWhen they work together, your marketing programs work.

For Example –

This is a strategy: Attracting attention is extremely important for a small business. A company’s first attraction to your target buyers are usually your company logo, corporate colors and tagline. When you designed your company “look,” was the type of business you are marketing defined? Is it friendly or austere? Do you offer bargains or firm pricing? Make sure your company colors and logo are a reflection of your business personality.

This is a tactic without a strategy: “Bob, when we introduce our new product, spend a few minutes coming up with a logo design.”

Creative marketing strategies are important for success.

Marketing strategies outline a broad plan of action that best use the organization’s resources to achieve a marketing goal. Marketing strategies are the specific actions taken by the organization to communicate with the select primary target groups. Here are at least two major marketing strategies for a small business to consider.

Market Penetration – Obtaining more customers for the present product/service.

Tactic: communicate more effectively and frequently.

Market expansion – Obtain more customers from new target groups and market places.

Tactic: Determine client needs and wants and offer solutions from product/service offering towards the target.

In theory, a marketing strategy must be carefully designed to meet a marketing goal based on the demands of your client base in order to be effective. For example, in a business that is in a growth phase, market penetration can be very successful.

One final example –

This is a brand strategy: The strategy is how you have packaged your business aspirations, and your relative positioning in the marketplace. It typically includes a brand statement referred to as your “promise” to your customers. What is the story of your brand promise? What are the points that best exemplify your brand for each of your customer segments?

This is a brand tactic without a strategy: “I once read that a good value is hard to beat. I’ll bet that will work instead of lowering our price once again.”

Marketing is easy when you know what your customers want and need. When in doubt, just ask them.Hole_w

“There is a hole in the ground that company’s fall into by marketing themselves poorly due to thinking tactically rather than strategically.”


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Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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