How good is your Marketing?

This is a common question I ask fellow business owners.

Questions4OwnersAs you can imagine, I get a variety of answers. Some owners tell me it’s good, but a majority of small business people are just not sure. Someone once told me it’s like the weather – just wait a moment and it will change.

The weather analogy, especially in the Midwest where I reside, is an answer I understand. Understand a customer can experience a lot of different feelings in a given day. Emotions have a large effect on a purchasing decision. So does a message from the competition.

A weatherman has an excuse, but your customers don’t want to hear one…

In theory, a company’s marketing is no different than changes in the weather. Planning and executing a marketing plan for a small business is not a walk in the park. Analytics and testing assumptions created by your marketing team are making it easier to get better marketing results. These are just a few ideas to eliminate excuse from the marketing team.

Here’re a few other ideas…

Capturing customer data and using even the simplest methods of segmentation are high on the to-do lists of many small businesses for 2014. With the variety of social media available, the growing use of smart phones and technology as a whole, smart companies are seeing success.

Marketing success for a small business is best achieved by a company with a strong focus on customer needs and know what customer may want before they do. Total customer satisfaction must be every employee’s goal. The marketing team knows why the customers buy. And why, when, how and maybe even the time of day!

Any small business can beat a larger company with the right marketing…

A small business cannot match the advertising budgets of the larger companies. But a small business can beat any competitor, large or small, by providing the best service and to continually take that customer service to a higher level. A small business with this strategy can hit their marketing targets at the right time with a relevant message.

GrabItStop by for a visit…

The next time the weather doesn’t shine on your parade because marketing and sales are falling like rain drops; stop the drizzle by visiting MCG. There are many ideas and content to read that can help a small business get better results from marketing.

The fundamentals of direct marketing can supercharge small business marketing…

A bevy of articles on using direct marketing are available. We work with hundreds of companies that use direct marketing, mail, and an unlimited amount of channels and tracking to provide you with the latest marketing knowledge.

Consider an evaluation of your existing marketing…

Start out with our marketing evaluation of your existing marketing program, using our mcgMarketing-eVal. Our evaluation is a smart determination of where your marketing is and how it can be improved. Our time is spent learning about you and your business so we have a good understanding where you are and where you want to go.

Our collaboration with you and your company is based on sound marketing and sales experience we’ve shared with thousands of small businesses nationwide. Gives us a call and let’s see how good your marketing is and share a few ideas to make it better.

Thanks for reading and please share with others.

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Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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