12 Smart Ideas for A Merrier Marketing in 2014! PART II

ChristmasOrnamBy this time some of you have completed your marketing plans for 2014… or undergoing that one last plan review or even need a few ideas.

Wherever you’re at in the marketing planning phase for 2014, I’ve compiled 12 Smart ideas that can help your marketing planning for the upcoming year be truly merry. A marketing plan should never be static, so enjoy these great smart ideas – one, two, or all of them at some point in 2014 or right now! As a reminder: There are 6 ideas posted last week. In case you missed them, just go back one post!

Editor’s Note: All 12 of these ideas have appeared in publications I created in 2013. Some have appeared in Direct Mail Success, a direct marketing newsletter, on any of my blogs, (MarketingDoc on Google, Constant Contact or my very own blog here) our monthly email newsletter, DMCM, as well as in a variety of comments and posts in Social Media Channels. I hope you enjoy them and please share. Now go on your merry way and read how to get more clients and customers.

7. It’s legal to taunt, tempt and tease in direct marketing. (but never harm a swan, especially dressed up for the holiday)

SevenSwansSwimmingA teaser that offers a free sample, free issue, prize, complimentary trial, discount, or gift, can be extremely effective. The teaser coaxes, “Order now and get the second one free!” “Free certificate enclosed.” “You may be the grand prize winner!”

Next, is the benefit teaser. A benefit teaser promises a specific benefit. It does not talk about features, attributes, or characteristics of your product or service. It only talks about a specific benefit or promise. Such as, “Grow a beautiful head of hair.” “Read more books by increasing your reading speed.” “Build more muscle mass and even lose weight.”

The benefit teaser is more narrowly focused than a teaser offer. If you have all the hair you need, the benefit to grow more is not for you. However, if you continue to build better customer profiles and target better, teasers responses increase, along with the response to your offer.

8. Understand analytics and stats at a lesser level. (Data is like a milking a cow. You never know what you get until you do it.)

8MaidsMilkingStatistical analysis that used to be seen only in the world of insurance and finance are now being leveraged by marketing departments to better understand their data. Analytics is becoming more common, affordable and coupled with testing of a direct marketing and mail campaign, leading to better responses.

A marketer can learn enough to understand what the customers or donors are responding to and learning about these results through analytics, meaning the next campaign can realize a better response.

9. Your customer segments are consistently changing. (Before you know it, each one is dancing a different dance).

NineLadiesOn a beginner’s level, learn to speak to and understand prospects and customers through the simplest method of demographic segments, purchasing behavior, communication channels and what relevant offers generate the best response. It’s all there for you to measure and be able to ask intelligent questions from the data that are worth testing. As your customers continue to evolve add the newest ways to segment this data.

10. Channel changing in a good way. (Trying to guess when a customer leaps to another channel may come from your analytics).

TenLordsLeapingJust as people click from one channel to the next, it pays to send your message using more than one channel. We all know the frequency of your marketing messages is critical – some people use it too much, most not enough and others, incorrectly.

But by equipping your contact management system with customer channel preferences, you can easily develop the correct frequency for prospects and customers by the channels they like.

Using this new found knowledge of your data, you can add a pinch of compelling copy and a touch of eye catching design to increase response from those you selected to receive the message in a different channel.

Another way is to think of your contact management system as your busy book. It can remind all users to make a call, send another information pack or to schedule a visit at a specific date and time.

11. Don’t try to be perfect. (It’s impossible to be right all of the time with marketing – you’d have a better chance with 11 pipers who never played together to achieve perfection.)

ElevenPipersWhat would it be like if you could have perfect insight into your customers motivations, their influential relationships, and all the other nuances that make a purchasing decision?  Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the path of sales and marketing success started many decades ago that most of us thought was completely unattainable.

Keep in mind that data quality is as much a total business problem and not just an IT problem.  In other words, any organization needs to take it’s time to find a data champion within and make sure the whole organization is on the same page when it comes to data management.

12. Any small business can beat a larger company with the right marketing…

12-Days-ButtonsA small business cannot match the advertising budgets of the larger companies. But a small business can beat any competitor, large or small, by providing the best product and service and to continually take that customer service to a higher level. A small business with this strategy can hit their marketing targets at the right time with a relevant message.


The next time the weather doesn’t shine on your parade because marketing and sales are falling like rain drops; stop the drizzle by visiting MCG. There are many ideas and content to read that can help a small business get better results from marketing.

I hope you enjoyed our list of 12 Ways for a merrier marketing 2014. If you have some questions about your marketing, the MCG Marketing eVal is just what the doctor ordered. Read more about this fantastic program and sign up today for an initial consultation. Sometimes a tune-up is all a company needs for get better results.

Enjoy your holidays and have a safe and wonderful New Year!


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Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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