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The word “awareness” can be complicated…

Here’s how to get the right amount for efficient marketing. The word awareness has a variety of meaning and connotations depending on its use. Like the sharp rock just below the sand as you walk barefoot on a sandy beach. You now have awareness of such sharp rock. Awareness can be easily confirmed by an […]

B2B Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

Great Content is A Staple of Content Marketing

But to make content marketing work, you’ll need a few more staples. I recently had a conversation with a customer regarding what value there is by sharing more of his marketing content in a variety of channels. He referred to it as multi-channel for multi-devices or as some say, cross-channel marketing. It sounds good, works good and […]

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The Right “Power” Tools for the Right Channel…

Can reduce the “noise” and increase the success. We live in a world of fierce competition. The noise gets louder every day making us raise our voices to be heard. This is a good time to switch to a channel experiencing less noise and shouting. Think mailbox. More and more companies are vying for a […]

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You need to sow before you can reap…

For today’s small business “the more you know, the more you’ll grow.”   Market research, focus groups, and product testing are great tools to determine profitable markets for your products or services in an expansion mode for growth. These tools don’t come cheap. For this reason, many small businesses disregard them when they look for […]