The Right “Power” Tools for the Right Channel…

Can reduce the “noise” and increase the success.

earWe live in a world of fierce competition. The noise gets louder every day making us raise our voices to be heard. This is a good time to switch to a channel experiencing less noise and shouting.

Think mailbox.

More and more companies are vying for a slice of the marketing pie. This has a tendency to make the pie bigger but the slices thinner.

When it comes to direct mail, there are four basic power tools you can utilize to obtain a better, bigger slice – to build a more successful campaign.

The first power tool to spark up is your “offer.” This is the opportunity you provide – the irresistible bait that is so enticing it jumps off the page, encourages the phone to ring, or creates a line of prospects outside your door… and makes it all happen right now!

The second power tool is “clarity” – making sure your message is so clear that it can be processed mentally by your prospect and quickly understood. Sometimes, we are led to believe that we are communicating perfectly, only to discover later on that everything we’ve said has missed its mark. Oops!

Try to explain a calculus concept to someone who is “math challenged” and you could be there all day. That’s why – when it comes to words and offers – it’s wise to reality check everything you mail. Asking a single person, “What do you think?” isn’t a reality check. It’s an opinion.

OT-V804-Outside_Page_1_Image_0009The third power tool at your command is “targeting” – making sure that your message is reaching the right people, prospects, and buyers. If it isn’t, you’re wasting time and money. The most effective mailers are those who use targeting as a vital tool. They understand the value of reaching the right people.

More importantly, they understand the cost and waste of mailing to the wrong people. It’s not just the postage they are wasting, but the printing and the time.

The fourth power tool is “testing” – testing your mailing with a small segment of your total market or contact list before launching your campaign to the world. All direct mail is based on statistics – how much response you get. It’s proportionate.

If you get X percent response on 1,000 pieces, you should get about X percent response on 10,000. Test your offer, your message clarity, and your ability to target on a small sampling before taking it to your entire universe of prospects. Make any midcourse corrections. And keep your direct mail power tools well oiled.

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Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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