The word “awareness” can be complicated…

SharpRock_BeachHere’s how to get the right amount for efficient marketing.

The word awareness has a variety of meaning and connotations depending on its use. Like the sharp rock just below the sand as you walk barefoot on a sandy beach. You now have awareness of such sharp rock.

Awareness can be easily confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. For example, another person walking on the beach tells you where the fresh water is located to clean you’re your foot after hobbling past her basically on one foot.

When awareness is used in a business conversation about marketing, it usually means how do we create a perception and feeling about our company’s products and services that creates a purchase? The answer which usually surfaces to the top is advertising. I bet you wish that rock would have surfaced as well.

Advertising of yesteryear is not the same today.

In the 20th century, advertising could mean placing an ad in a newspaper, on the radio, in a phone and address directory, just about anywhere you would find people. A company’s potential customer could even be found in their mailbox.

The funny thing about awareness is that it doesn’t always mean a sale. So advertisers determined they needed to increase their awareness to more people. I can even remember when a less than 1% response rate for a direct mail campaign was considered a victory.

There was a lot of message slinging in those days. Advertising experts told marketers that people are bombarded with 2500 to 3500 messages per day. Make your important message stand out in the advertisement and then pray someone makes a purchase. In the direct mail business it was known as spray and prey. Pun intended.

Slinging messages does not increase awareness.

Small businesses don’t like to use this form of advertising I call trial and error marketing. Trial and error marketing can kill you’re your yearly budget in one try. I don’t know about you, but the advertising of yesteryear was a very trying time for all marketers.

Let me ask you a question. How would you address advertising and awareness today before I attempt to answer the question?

Marketing is on a different path in the 21st Century.

Sales and marketing in the 21st century had to change because the market has changed. As each generation enters the work force, it’s their time to exhort values they have. If you have a product or service, it must meet their needs on their terms. You need the right marketing mix of traditional and social media to get their awareness.

In my field of expertise, marketing a small business has its challenges. In a small business, marketing is everything a company must do to create awareness, acquire and keep a customer. Obviously this varies from company to company. That’s another challenge a marketer faces day-to-day.

Measuring marketing campaigns and using analytics to learn more about customer actions is gaining strength in some small businesses. Measurement and analytics can answer many marketing questions including the best tactics to increase awareness.

Another answer usually coming from your analysis is an increase in marketing creativity. Creativity is inspired from the obtained data to reach more people. Knowledge is an important tool to have for inspiring your mind to be creative. And be creative in spreading company awareness.

Remember marketing is a challenge. A marketing person must keep learning, testing and try something different. The smallest change may have the biggest impact. That’s what keeps me interested in marketing and helping others to succeed. If you don’t try something new in marketing, you may never succeed.

You can never have enough of “good awareness.” Keep the creative juices flowing. Inspire your team.

Don’t thank me. Thank the rock on the beach for helping you cut through the clutter of the right awareness.

What does the word awareness mean to you and your marketing team?

Thanks for reading and please share with others.

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Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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