Is your present business marketing out of tune and out of date?

OutOfTuneHere are the warning signs.

Caution – If the following is your present marketing model, it’s time to move it out to pasture (be careful where you step). Read on and we’ll show you how to take the most important next step.

Today many industry companies are still using a reactive form of marketing and not taking full advantage of the newer digital marketing.

Quit hollering at me!

This reactive marketing represents what is seen on TV, in newspapers, and what we hear on the radio. In a small business, reactive marketing is a response to increase sales and revenue. Companies usually use direct mail, email or an outdated website hoping it works this time!

Companies using reactive marketing have products or services, old ones or something new just launching, and use those channels to shout loudly and frequently to create an awareness to which people hopefully will react.

But do they respond?

These same companies using reactive marketing know little about the people on the other end, just some simple demographic or primitive psychographic information.

They probably don’t know what these people want and don’t know their needs.

They don’t know their current condition – prospect or customer. They collect little or no data.

Yes, people do respond, but answer this – How much money do you want to waste?

Reactive marketing uses a lot of trial and error. It is incomplete. It’s basically a one way conversation. There is no engagement. It leads a company to keep spending. Shouting louder and increasing the frequency of the message.

In a small business I call that trial and error marketing. Trial and error is a big waste of your marketing dollars. This is the death knoll for any small business. How many customers have beaten a path to your door?

It doesn’t work. Change or be gone.

Change to what? Here’s a clue.

People seek to improve themselves. People want to save time. Given a choice, they’ll take a quick fix anytime over something that must be nurtured or pursued. The quickest and the correct fix is using our expertise in direct marketing and mail. I’ll be happy to teach you every step of the way.

You have a choices!

Evaluate your present marketing.

Start thinking strategically.

It will work if you give it the time to make it work. Guaranteed.

Let me know what you think and thanks for sharing.

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Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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