The Ides of March brought change…

HailCaesarhere’s how to embrace it.

Change does not have to be as drastic, but in marketing, change is a requirement.

Last week I mentioned to a client about how hard our winter has been and said to her, “Maybe the Ides of March will blow all this cold weather back to where it came from no later than March 15th.”

Her response: “Yes, The Ides of March did have a good horn section.”

I wasn’t referring to a musical group, but to Caesar and his assassination that took the wind out of him on March 15th. Caesar was stabbed to death in the senate by Brutus and Cassius, and witnessed by 60 other co-conspirators.

However, I made a quick trip to YouTube and confirmed she was correct. The Ides of March were a rock ‘n roll band formed in the mid 60’s and had a very impressive horn section. I’ll take any type of change that will make the arrival of spring sooner rather than later.

What do you know about marketing and change?

Change is not easy for most, if not all of us. However, if you are involved in marketing, you know how quickly a customer may change his or her mind. Human connections are vital for success in marketing, so change is considered a constant.

The new way of marketing uses data, analytics, testing and other forms of measurement to make us better marketers. Marketers who use these tools are better prepared for change.

Even the smallest change can make a big difference. Knowing the fundamentals and techniques of direct marketing can help you through a period of change and enjoy more success.

Here are seven true and false questions regarding direct marketing you can answer to see how you measure up.

Which of the following fundamentals of direct marketing are true or false?

T or F – The quantity of responses from a marketing campaign is the most important.

T 0r F – It’s a good idea to copy your competitors.

T or F – Testing the direct marketing message before delivering is a waste of time and money.

T or F – Direct marketing and mail is all about making a strong offer.

T or F – You can boost sales with hard-ball copy.

T or F – The style of direct mail copy must be persuasive.

T 0r F – Including a testimonial can help a company start establishing trust.

Next week I’ll post the answers for you with the reasons why I selected True or False. If you want to know more about direct marketing and mail, stop by.

If you want to know about change, Google it!

The last time I looked there were over 1 billion responses for the six-letter word of change. Evidently a lot more people think about it than actually attempt to change.Jazz-Band

If you want a list of the ten highest miles-per-gallon cars, you’d Google the phrase.

If you want to check out the battery life for a new cell phone you may buy, you’d Google it.

If you want to see how good your present company marketing is, you’d click here.

Whichever Ides of March you prefer, Caesar and Brutus, or the one with the horn section, don’t wait around for change. Change is the one sure thing that happens to all of us in marketing.

Let me know what you think and thanks for sharing.

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Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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