Three ways to increase your luck…

LuckofTheIrishwithout having to kiss the Blarney Stone.

How many times have you heard someone say – Some people have more luck than sense. Why are some people born lucky? She has all the luck.

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is behind us and you weren’t fortunate to find a pot of gold, here are three techniques that I know can increase your luck.

A. It’s lucky I was listening.

This is what I find in a business that focuses on what their customers are saying and take the time to learn their changing needs. A profile of an excellent customer today can change tomorrow.

Luck is what you make out of it. Good preparation of your business model and strategies open the door for luck to enter. It’s what you do with luck to make it a winner.

Unmitigated luck only happens in lottery dreams.

Or when you take a walk and just happen to find $10 million in gold coins.

Stop dreaming, start doing. If you think potential customers are going to wait for you, then stay dreaming.

B. We’re lucky we’re creative.

Creativity does increase ideas. I continually remind myself in marketing there are so many variables, especially in the mind of customers. What works today may never work again.

Analytics, surveys and testing can make you a better marketer, providing more effective marketing solutions. Analyzing results gives us more ideas and better creativity to make marketing work. Not on such a grand scale, as a fortune 500 company for example, but still better results leading to more sales.

Not every customer profile of your target is always correct. It would take luck to do that. The human mind is a complicated mass of gray matter. To tackle that mass of matter may take you down many paths. You may even find a pot of gold.

We live in a world of fierce competition. People are starting to think in “milliseconds” thanks to the internet. The noise gets louder every day making us raise our voices to be heard. This is a good time to switch to a channel experiencing less noise and shouting.

Think mailbox. You just may get lucky.

C. It takes a lot of luck when using social media.

Not if you look at social media with this mindset – Social media is a PR (Public Relations) opportunity not an advertising vehicle. That may be an opinion of lucky marketers. Social media is a great channel to learn more about your customers.

When you write for social media, the copywriting must attract the attention of the reader, arouse interest in your product or service, and help to convert that reader into a customer. But your job is far from over.

Analyzing results leads to more ideas and better creativity to make marketing work harder.

Social media can generate a lot of interest and gets people to stop by.


The rest is up to you. People fail at all three of these steps more than you can imagine. Maybe they ran out of luck or failed to start doing.

Please share and let me know what you think.

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Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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