Analytics can be a tough nut to crack –

                                     here’s what I do.

NutsYel3Understand analytics and stats at a lesser level can even increase your direct marketing response.

Are you delaying analysis because you’re not sure how you would react to data? Or do you think it consumes too much time? If you are using analytics, what is the one thing you would do over?

In a recent speech, the postal service CIO, Jim Cochrane, stated in his presentation, “that the direct mailers were the first movers into data analytics. List brokers are the original data brokers.” Back then, this was a much simpler time in direct marketing.

Data when compared to now is quite different. Data today is moving closer to actually hitting a much narrower target with a relevant message.

In the digital age we have many more channels to use. I recommend you aggressively start looking at web analytics, Facebook stats, LinkedIn views and visits, whose following you on Twitter and analyze email stats after you send out a newsletter. Just about anything you use to promote your business has data for you to analyze – so do it.

Start looking at stats.

Data analysis is like a milking a cow. You never know how much you’ll get until you do it. Statistical analysis that used to be seen only in the world of insurance and finance are now being leveraged by marketing departments to better understand their data and fine tune their analytics.

Most website hosting companies allow you to check your website statistics, such as search traffic, home page visits and so forth. I look at these stats weekly to determine if I see any trends are forming.

But I don’t stop there. I use GOOGLE ANALYTICS daily and record my data in an Excel spreadsheet. I especially love the time spent on a particular page, article or website by visitors. I know that more time spent is a quality visitor, and a quality post people have an interest in.

I like to keep track of my site visitors and unique visitors. A site visitor is one who only visits once and a unique visitor refers to a person who visits a website more than once within a specified period of time.

I also keep track of new visitors and what the percentage is of new visitors per site. For example, my direct marketing and mail website has on average 75% new visitors. The site has a lot of articles posted for people to read, hence the high percentage.

This blog gets a very high amount of search traffic and page views. This data is very important to me. The larger the page views per post tell me what you like reading about. It also helps me to share information in a particular group on LinkedIn or even in an email.

A marketer can learn enough to understand what the customers or donors are responding to and learning about these results through analytics, meaning the next campaign can realize a better response.

Keep reacting to stats – people are sharing their information for a reason.

Start small and keep expanding your analytics based on what your customers are saying through their data. Level off when your audience says so – through their data!

Look closely at your data for trends, especially the visitor data moves which can ask more questions that can give you answers. Learn what answers maybe forming a niche. The answers can increase the level of a person’s creativity for the next campaign.

If you haven’t visited our customer profiles, data and a Customer-Centric Management system page on our redesigned website, please do so. There are plenty of additional reports you can download to assist you in your data journey.

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Please share and let me know what you think.

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Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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