If the results from the last marketing campaign were so-so…

Really?And unless you’re a tailor, it’s time to do some evaluating.

I enjoy working with small business owners doing evaluations of their marketing and providing recommendations for better a response. A lot of times, just the slightest change, maybe a word in the headline, can make a large impact.

I also know that a marketing plan should never be static. If something is not working or just doesn’t feel right, a change is necessary.

SackOfCashv2The number one small business problem I still see is how much money is wasted on the wrong advertising.

If you are not sure how effective your marketing is, the time to quit wasting money is now. Take whatever marketing data you presently have and begin to build a better marketing program. Where should you start?

Start with your customers. There are many ways to learn about your customers which can impact your marketing response in the right direction. Here’ a few comments to get you thinking. But remember, Rome was not built in a day. Learn something new and test an idea on others to determine if there is marketing value.

  • Learn as much as you possibly can about customers.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas with customers,  becoming a solution provider, by piecing together a solution for your customer.
  • Treat your customers with value added, no cost services.
  • As you learn more about each customer, keep fulfilling the needs and wants of each – because a happy customer tells others.
  • And when customers are happy, they will give you testimonials. Testimonials are a great addition to use in your marketing and with the sales team.
  • Having a customer focus can help separate a small business from the competition.

Importance of a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy.Customerv2

When a company starts to embrace these ideas and use the collected collaborated customer information, a company begins to learn what type of marketing works. And that means less waste of marketing dollars.

Many of the successful small businesses I know have this strong focus on customers. They have built a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy to meet the needs not only of their customers, but of their employees as well. Leadership learns very quickly, a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy will change a company’s business for the better.

Because I call it a strategy…

There is no reason to waste time by working on this strategy until you fully commit to a customer focus. Once you do you can easily take your ideas from customer conversations and start to determine a strategy that will work for you and your company.

How can I help you?

Consider a MCG Marketing Evaluation Process and get a list of marketing ideas for your business. It’s a great exercise I have used throughout the years to get a company’s marketing on the right track. It’s affordably priced and guaranteed to open your eyes to new ideas.

When you click on the eVal link you’ll have an opportunity to get a copy of our latest small business report, “Our Top Ten Lists of Marketing Essentials Required for Small Business Success.” In addition, learn how you can get a free 1 hour one-on-one with the Doc.

Please share and let me know what you think.

Marketingeval_logoV3Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.

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