How do the top companies get new business?

CustomerSigningv2Here are a few of the best roads to take.

If you get a catalog in the mail with a tool set you like, you’ll have no problem placing an order. The catalog company will happily thank you for the order.

But if Nissan sends you a mailer about a new sports car, you are probably not going to run to your wallet and grab a credit card or transfer a large sum of cash immediately to Nissan. Nissan isn’t going to ask for the order, but instead, send you to a website or a local dealer.

Why the difference? Because certain types of products are harder to sell than others, so they require a sales person to complete the order. This is a process known as lead generation. In the typical lead generation process, information, such as content marketing about a product is offered to a list of prospects through a variety of traditional and digital communication channels.

Those potential customers who request additional information such as  a paper, product specifications or benefit content are usually given to the inside or outside sales team to work the leads and make sales.

When should you use lead generation?

A lot of companies are using some form of lead generation activity. If your product is 1) expensive; 2) is complex, new, or hard to explain; or 3) require a considerable commitment of time or effort, lead generation may be a good fit.

If your business products fall into anyone of these categories, your marketing team must work with a sales team to identify potential customers. Sales and marketing may not always get along, but in a small business it’s paramount they work together for the good of the company.

Why use a hybrid form of lead generation?Hybrid-stock-car

In short, using a hybrid combination of marketing and sales will reduce costs and boost profits. But it can also help marketing sharpen their customer profiles. People buy for different reasons. If you have already determined the need for lead generation, a strong message relevant for a particular customer profile can shorten the time before a purchase is made.

Not only does it keep marketing on target, sales people are less likely to waste time on the wrong type of leads. The sales process becomes easier, the buying cycle can shorten, inside and outside sales are more productive and the costs for marketing and sales are substantially reduced. That’s an hybrid worth driving.

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