As any small biz marketing nerd knows…


it’s smart to use a marketing tool more than once.

Here’s one way to make you a pure genius.

I just finished an article for the recent edition of our publication, Direct Mail Success, on testing pointers to make sure people get the best response. In this article on testing opportunities with direct mail marketing, I liken it to a listening aid to learn more about your customers or donors.

Today, there are many ways to get answers from your customers, so take advantage of them. What you need is a good manager of the redundancy department. Not sure about this add-on? You will.

Customers or donors aren’t a mystery. They’re quite vocal about their likes and dislikes. In fact, every time a company uses direct mail marketing, the responders will tell you what products they like, which offers they prefer, and which formats catch their attention.

People just simply have to know how to listen to them through their testing. Turn off testing, and all you have are assumptions. Turn it on, and the collective voices lead you down a more definitive path.

How to kill two birds with one stone …

Not everyone likes to test direct mail marketing. In fact, many don’t. If you are one of the many, try this idea.

Sample sizes for testing are usually a proportional amount of the total mailing. However, today there are many cross-selling channels available in direct mail marketing. The other tactics used with any mailing can help you to determine your testing size. For example, the “call-to-actions” buttons give you more data to analyze.

Once you have your testing parameters in place, do yourself a favor. Listen closer to what your customers are saying with their responses and purchases. Look closely at your captured data, especially purchases in other channels.

Here is the coup!

Your customers are painting you a picture of what they want from your company. The picture may jump out at you in the beginning. Use a bit of creative thinking and the picture your customers are painting will come into focus. Even some customer’s phone calls can shed more light on your customer picture.

Analyzing your data with a creative eye is a perfect example of getting more customer information when testing marketing communications, such as direct mail. And, it eliminates the excuses not to test and gather better customer information. Eventually, testing becomes a time saver, yields a higher response, increases customer satisfaction and the bottom line!

Plus, you may add someone on your team as the first Redundancy Manager.

Two Tips for the Price of None!

Marketing-Tip_CrpdWhy Testing?

Study Customers with analytics.

Thanks for reading and please share with others – except your competition! It is truly appreciated.
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