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People in direct marketing know a good deal when they see one…

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Do you keep track of your customers contact points? By that I mean how many messages does it take for a customer to make a purchase? Is that number higher today than the one from 12 months ago?

If you’re not sure, do you think customers want to hear or read more messages and even remind them to make a purchase? I’ll share with you what I’ve learned and how to reach more customers and gain revenue.

What is your response rate?

Most marketers are unsure about their response rate or don’t have enough time for analytics. Today’s marketers are looking for more effective ways to reach their customers in a timely manner with a relevant message. This is not easy to do using one channel.

Many marketers know cross-selling tactics in a multi-channel marketing campaign can be quite successful. According to my sources, companies who are using multi-channel communications are seeing double digit response rates.

A direct marketer would jump at the chance to present a relevant message to a consumer numerous times using a variety of channels. However, CustomerResponsethere is a cost associated adding another communication channel and for some, that is a budget breaking deal.

At what cost?

Small companies may find these costs are prohibitive to add more channels into the mix. Marketers in large companies need to prove to the executive in the corner office that multi-channel is worth the gamble for a higher response. Skeptical executives have proven to be very difficult to convince for many marketers who have seen success in multi-channel communications.

Marketing has consistently evolved to keep pace with customer demands. Most industry experts agree that customer needs are changing marketing tactics. Many companies simply cannot afford to add another channel until now.

More companies are returning to direct mail.

Not That Far Back!!!
Not That Far Back!!!

Today, when people hear about or see direct mail in their mailbox, they see less waste. Yes, some mailings cry out junk mail. Others are not relevant to the readers needs. In reality, most people have a mailbox, and some people even enjoy receiving mail, checking their mailbox daily. Direct mail is worth investigating for anyone looking to expand their marketing activities.

Since direct mail is another channel provider of marketing materials to deliver a message, it has evolved as well. Marketers are creating very impactful and powerful TakeFivedirect mail which is getting people’s attention. That is by far the biggest difference in today’s direct mail.

Successful campaigns are encouraging the direct mail reader to visit another marketing channel to do “something.” The “something” can be to get more information, a chance to save money on their purchase or soliciting a donation for the readers favorite charity. The options are many.

Here’s an idea to help you reduce your cost for additional impressions.

Yes, I did write earlier that using multi-channels can add to your budget but in a good way, it’ll add to your response rate. It’s not mailing more because there are no discounts for repetitive mailings. What if I told you that it’s possible to add more impressions from another channel for a couple of pennies on the dollar?

So what is this other channel?

The other channel is the internet. On a daily basis people visit CNN, ESPN, Google and many other web sites. For some people, it’s like walking a mall without all of the hassle. Imagine directly reachingMatch consumers online – just like you do offline with direct mail but at a much higher frequency of messages – not killing the budget, yet increasing your response rate!

A new, available technology is available by using your mailing list addresses to determine if there is a match to a household IP address. Once the Household IP Address is determined, every time someone in the household goes on-line, a very similar looking banner ad from the design and copy of the direct mail piece will appear on their screen.

Here’s where to learn more.


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