There are many articles on marketing that imply a solution…

But what if it’s not the right solution for your company?

Anyone can say they are a provider of solutions for your company. How does anyone know your company needs a solution, if they do not know what is the problem?

SolutionIn the world of a small business, logically any company can have a problem with their marketing, advertising and planning. Yes, a company’s marketing program can always be better. It is an inherent perception which is correct more times than not. But what works for some will not work for all.

How to determine what is the best solution…

For example, in a previous post I noted there are many ways to skin a cat. I always cringe whenever I see an article such as “31 Ways to Get Every Customer to Buy Your Product.” Surely you can find a nugget among the 31, but does the writer even know you have a problem?

There is no right solution until a problem(s) is uncovered. Being a solution provider is part of what my company stands for during the past 30 years. It’s not stated as such in any marketing communication. It’s simply a part of our brand image.

How I made a solution provider image …

There are many experts in many different fields that offer great ideas. We once had a lead generating white paper that simply stated 11 mistakes every lettershop company makes and how to avoid them.

The 11 mistakes were based on our company working in the industry for over twenty years. We learned about these mistakes while making presentations at industry events such as trade shows, and meeting one-on-one with hundreds of companies. As changes occurred in the industry, recently digital printing and data, our marketing recommendations kept pace with these advances. Having a pulse on industry norms was the key part for our success.

Where to start…

Searching4aSolutionIn order to arrive at a solution, a person must be aware of the problem. To get some answers start thinking strategically. Get ideas from looking at your data and analytics. Look at your internal processes. Survey your best customers. What are other companies in your industry doing?

What you think now may be a problem could very well be a horse of a different color – another problem with a totally different solution. If you’re still not sure, you should go out of house and seek help in identifying the problem. Don’t become another statistic, by wasting your time and effort on trying to solve a problem that was not the real problem.

A solution provider knows how to find and define the problem. There may be more than one solution, but there is always one particular solution for a company that is the best.

Marketing-Tip_CrpdHint #1: A great solution provider will have it built within their brand image. Some key words to look for are evaluation, strategic, repair, teaching, goals, objectives, performance, analytics, testing and  industry data.

Marketing-Tip_CrpdHint #2: Focus on developing a customer-centric marketing strategy. When you are close to your customers, as in a customer-centric marketing, customers communicate with you before it becomes a problem.

Thanks for reading and please share with others – except your competition! It is truly appreciated.
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