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The Most Fatal Mistake You Can Make in Direct Marketing today…

CriticalMistakeeliminate it before your marketing budget is wiped out!

During the good old days of direct mail, a typical response rate of 1% was considered a victory. Today, if you told a client to expect the same response rate, they would take their business elsewhere.

The Dawning of the Digital Age and the recession that appeared in 2008 alerted all businesses that marketing for new customers had changed. Even today as the dust begins to settle, many companies large and small, are struggling to right the marketing shift.

Marketers using traditional advertising such as newspapers, radio and television are continually fighting to get more eyeballs on their advertisements. Social media has captured quite a bunch of these eyeballs, but marketers are trying to find the right marketing path for success.

So what is the most fatal mistake a marketer can make that will destroy a marketing budget? ChartSweat

The simple answer is the one marketer’s have known since the dawn of money: “I’ll give you this if you give me that!” This discussion took place face-to-face as a lot do to this day. When we can’t sell face-to-face, we need another channel to communicate.

The channel selection you need to choose is based on what your customers prefer to use. A good answer would be to use more than one communication channel, better known as multi-channel. In my direct marketing opinion the Internet is the real answer.

Just about anybody you really want to reach is probably on the internet. Guess what is number two?

There is a very high probability that this person has a mailbox. If this same person receives a cleverly designed direct mail piece and when she goes online and sees a similar design and message 25 to 30 times over a period of days, the chances increase that this person will make a purchase.

Here’s why this company came to me.

Earlier this year, a firm with an interest in direct mail, visited our website The letters in our domain name represent Direct Marketing Communications and Management. They introduced me to a new technology from the data they capture in the financial industry, such as credit card transactions among others.

In a rather innovative way (Patent-Pending) in conjunction with direct mail, their technology is able to match household mailing addresses and arrive at the household IP address. The process combines more than 30 public data elements to hyper-accurately map an IP address to a home address with >95% accuracy.

Once the Household IP Address is determined, every time someone in the household goes online, a very similar looking and appealing banner ad shows up on the website they are viewing. Literally, this is the first direct marketing one-to-one identification from a mailing list to an IP address, or what I call, the household’s digital mailbox!

What I, the direct marketer in me, like a lot about the technology is there are no “cookies” or “census block geo-location.” It does not use pop-up ads. The conversion from mail to IP is done in a privacy-sensitive manner by assigning a unique privacy ID in the matching process.

Why do I like the technology?Slide1

Businesses that know the importance of multi-channel communications will love using this technology to reach consumers. With this technology on their side, direct marketers are able to send relevant messages at a higher frequency rate. Most people will not find it objectionable like a pop up ad.

Direct marketers who use this technology can experience an increases in revenue and a low cost of adding multiple impressions with every marketing campaign. For example, if an average direct mail piece is sent for about $.40 including postage, you can get 30 to 40 IP impressions for the same cost of the mailing.

Here’s how to learn more and get a free offer.

GrabItIf you want to learn more about this technology and direct marketing, request our free report now. Once we receive your email address the report is instantly dispatched to your inbox.

Are you new to direct marketing and mail? Are you a past user and thinking about getting back into direct mail? After you have requested the report and decide you have questions with a direct mail campaign, I’ll provide one hour of free consulting time to make sure you get started on the right foot.

Imagine directly reaching consumers online – just like you do offline with direct mail but at a much higher frequency of touches and not killing the budget! Get your free report now!

Thanks for reading and please share with others – except your competition! It is truly appreciated.
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