How to become a marketing mixologist…

Mixologistand reach your best response from each marketing campaign.

Every time I see or hear the word mixologist, the picture that enters my brain is a bartender trying to come up with the next best drink. Or is it the scientist working with numerous beakers, each one rapidly bubbling with vapor escaping from their tops! A mixologist could even be an artist mixing the paint on a palette trying to come up with the right color.

If you are a marketer, that same term can apply as well. For example, your customer database is full of unique personalities and characteristics just like one of your favorite drinks. So how do you whip up a list of your customers which will give you a higher response?

Maybe the copywriting needs an influx of higher octane words that sell. Does the design need to pull in more eyeballs, grab the reader’s attention and make them dive right into the copy for more?

The better your information, the less likelihood of marketing failure.

If you are like most marketing professionals, it takes an idea or even a word to arrive at a potential solution for better response. Once your brain gives you the answer you quickly remind yourself “I know that!” I believe it’s called an “Aha” moment or if you’re from Northern California, it’s known as, “Eureka, I’ve got it!”

Marketing is one of those occupations causing a normal person like you or me to suffer from cramping or even freezing of the cranium. A frozen cranium can be disastrous and worse yet, make one look for a new occupation. Something else may even freeze over, impacting more people, especially in sales.

I’ve got the cure.

There is a cure for this malady and I am willing to share it with you. A great marketer must digest a massive flow of information.

Then, with a moment’s notice the marketer must activate a solution from this massive amount of information stored in the darkest regions within the cranium.

Fortunately for many marketers there is a quick trigger nerve which can be activated almost immediately from the sensory portion of the brain. This trigger may be released with yoga, caffeine, dark chocolate or any other craving. Experiment – everyone is different

Once activated, the marketer starts to get answers. Some scientists believe this trigger to be a combination of the hand and lips sensory portions.

I found that all people in the profession of marketing have a special area in their cranium for solutions to many marketing questions.

It’s there in all of us marketers, but it takes time to find it and the correct way to use it. The more experience a marketer gets, usually determines the proper flow of information.

In closing…

The main reason there is so much information to scour and react to at a moment’s notice, is our interaction with other humans. On any given day, a marketing tactic or strategy that always worked, will fail. Smart marketers must try to determine why and make changes accordingly.

Just like the mixologist trying a new recipe, some of your associates may like it and others won’t. It’s up to you by asking why and test your answers before changing the recipe.

If you don’t particularly like change, you are in the wrong profession.

For additional information, please visit a recent post, “Are your Customers Buying Enough?” Or do a search right here on this blog to access other articles about understanding customers and using a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy.

Thanks for reading and please share with others – except your competition! It is truly appreciated.

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