Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

The surest way to get more customers…


And build for the future of any small business.

Financial planners, banks, insurance companies and investing firms deal largely with other people’s money.

When a firm in this industry plans a new marketing program, what is the one word that needs to be equated with their company? Yes, TRUST is the correct word.Brands

People who need to BRAND their company must start building relationships with customers from the time they start in this industry. The next time you meet someone in the financial arena, online or in person, what type of impression did they leave with you?

If it was a good impression, one of safety and trust, you may look forward to getting more information to confirm your assumption. If you did not have a good first impression, you would quickly move on to bye-bye. Don’t feel bad. Most people know it when they get the good-bye look.

How can this impact my business?

Any business can take away a few thoughts from this financial industry scenario. Marketing today can be like swimming in shark infested waters. Don’t take any chances with your marketing. If you feel your marketing can be better, then most certainly it can be better.

The best marketing OPTION to get you out of the shark infested water…

I recommend using direct mail and digital mail as the foundation for any new marketing campaign. Direct mail is a trusted channel to use to maintain contact with prospects and customers. Plus, SharkInfestedeveryone has a mailbox.

In the direct mail copy share what you are doing in the community, such as sports sponsorships or providing funds to a charitable organization. This shows you care and are compassionate.

Explain how others are using the product and how easy the product is to buy. A customer testimonial is a great idea. Add a guarantee or a money-back offer to assure them you are working with them and for them.

There is a strategy available to keep you going!

EnergizerCroppedA customer-centric marketing strategy is a good choice for a company to align themselves closer to their customer’s needs, wants, and emotions. As you learn more about your customers, your communications with them become more relevant.

Digital mail is a unique channel to increase the frequency of messages by simply determining the customer IP address. Whenever anyone in the household goes on line a banner ad appears for branding purposes, with a message for each customer and has a similar design that will remind them of the direct mail.

I have worked in sales, advertising and marketing for a very long time. What I do know for sure; success is based on knowing more about your customers and another chance to strengthen the relationship. Taking the time to listen to, talk to and understand your customer, can greatly increase your marketing results, customer acquisition and customer retention.

My Call-to-Action…

Visit my website for more info on a customer-centric marketing strategy. To learn more about direct mail and an article on building trust is now available so read it now! Click here to learn more now about digital mail, especially about increasing your response rate with direct mail.

Thanks for reading and please share with others – except your competition! It is truly appreciated.

Marketingeval_logoV3MarketingDocEverything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you. Copyright

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