One of Twelve Re’Market’Able Ideas to Increase YOUR Mar’Ket’ing Response Now…

Or Quickly Pull the Plug to Save Your Sanity!


Obviously there are more than 12 Ideas to increase your marketing response. As you read each posted idea, you will think of other ideas for your business. When you begin to track and analyze your new captured data, new ideas will spew from your mind faster that a child may open a holiday present.

Here’s the one-a-day posting schedule for the rest of the year.

Tuesday through Friday of this week –

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in the next two weeks, terminating on January 2 –

I know if you make a commitment to address your company’s marketing short comings, you will see results. Just like anything else in life instant gratification always happens to the next person. It takes time and the biggest fear when embracing new ideas is change. Embrace change and keep listening to your customers. Change happens a whole lot easier that way.

If you do have a question or comment for us, please ask or tell away, either through the comment section here or any other social media channel. We’re always willing to share and help other business owners. If we don’t have an answer, we’ll find one.

Number One.

Stop Wasting Your Marketing and Advertising Time and Money!

Don’t kid yourself. If all the money you put into marketing returned what was spent and much, much more, you would have not wasted any time getting this far in the post.

Google John Wanamaker. He said 50% of my advertising dollars are wasted. I’m just not sure what half. When did he say this?

Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart. Their research determined that 37% of advertising was money wasted. According to a Google Search this was determined in 2006. What did they recently disclose about advertising and how many dollars were wasted? Google the answer now!

Recently Google stated that over 56% of advertisements purchased, are never _______??? Use Bing to get the answer.

The time is right to quit wasting money and time. Build a team of market’eers. Yes you read right. Your team can start with one market’eer or three market’eers or whatever number your budget can support.

You’ll need someone who loves data, writing copy, an eye for design, customer service and inside or outside sales. You’ll know when you find one – they talk the talk. You’ll find other ways to determine a keeper as you read on for the 11 posts that follow.

Tomorrow: Number Two. Speaking about relevance…

Thanks for reading and please share with others – except your competition! It is truly appreciated. Copyright

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