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Two of Twelve Re’Market’Able Ideas to Increase YOUR Mar’Ket’Ing Response Now…

Or Quickly Pull the Plug to Save Your Sanity! Part Two.


Number Two.

Speaking about relevance…

First, you must agree that communication occurs on the receiver’s side. To wit, communication does not take place on the sending side, writing or speaking. Communication occurs almost exclusively on the reading and listening side.

A writer can write or speak all she wants in the clearest language she knows. But no matter how clear it is to her, she did not complete the communication process if it sounds like a foreign language to the reader. She is not communicating. Her message is not being acknowledged.

Sometimes the people who read your marketing copy know more than you do about what you are selling. Other people who read the copy may have only an elementary understanding of the product. As the writer, you may never know the level of the reader’s expertise. Incorporate basic summaries and overviews in your writing that anyone can understand. These are good traits to help get your message through the clutter.

As a writer your goal is always clarity. Avoid long sentences, big words unless your readers expect them, and simplistic jargon. It is always wise to avoid an insult.

Direct marketing techniques have a lot to offer, especially in copywriting. A great headline will make sure the rest of your copy is read!

Tomorrow: Number Three. Be serious in your direct marketing copy.

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