Three of Twelve Re’Market’Able Ideas to Increase YOUR Mar’Ket’Ing Response Now…

Or Quickly Pull the Plug to Save Your Sanity!


Number Three.

Be serious in your direct marketing copy.

Some people think they can pull the reader into the copy with some humor. Unless you’re selling make-up to clowns, humor is not a good idea. Don’t waste the reader’s time with copy that may not be funny to the reader. It’s a quick turn off and poof goes another opportunity to sell.

When you take your copy seriously your reader is more likely to take you seriously. The tone of the message reflects not only on the product itself, but with you as the seller.

Serious, sincere, straightforward copy speaks with experience and authority. It commands respect, attracts and holds attention, and reinforces the key selling points of your offer. It helps convince your reader that your product is a worthwhile, well-documented offer – one to act on confidently.

The longer the copy, the more serious you want to be. In long copy, you ask your reader to stay with you. As a plus, straight serious copy almost never offends anyone.

Tomorrow: Number Four. If this is your present marketing model, retire it immediately before you waste any more money.

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