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FOUR of Twelve Re’Market’Able Ideas to Increase YOUR Mar’Ket’Ing Response Now…

Or Quickly Pull the Plug to Save Your Sanity!


Number Four.

If this is your present marketing model, retire it immediately before you waste any more money.

Today many companies are still using a reactive form of marketing. If you think your sales revenue is disgusting here’s the culprit.

Companies using reactive marketing have known products and are introducing a new one or re- launching another. Reactive marketing is found on traditional channels, such as television, radio and newspaper or magazine display ads.

Did you ever wonder why a commercial sounds louder? That’s because it is louder. Reactive marketing relies on shouting and a high frequency of placements to make sure the ads cause people to react.

These same companies know little about the people on the other end, just some simple demographic or primitive psychographic information. They probably don’t know what these people want and don’t know a damn thing about their needs. They may not even know if the responding party is a prospect or customer. You guessed it – they collect little or no data.

Reactive marketing uses a lot of trial and error and is not a type of digital marketing. It is incomplete. It’s basically a one way conversation. There is no engagement. It leads a person to a form of trial and error, which is a big waste of your marketing dollars.

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When we’ll present the “killer table setting aps” of Direct Marketing which will make you Digital Marketing more powerful.

Monday: 5.When moving to integrate direct marketing into digital, plan to use more and better data management.

Tuesday: 6. Never neglect a good grabber, a call-to-action, which always gets the job done.

Wednesday: 7. It’s legal to taunt, tempt and tease in direct and now in digital marketing. In fact, your customers expect it!

Friday: 8. Understand analytics and stats at a lesser level; add more latter when you have a better understanding of your customers.

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