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Number Five.

When moving to integrate direct marketing into digital, plan to use more and better data management.

In data management we are seeing data compiled from a variety of different sources. More people, such as those in IT, are working with marketing to create a better flow of their data, and establishing better integrated files. Marketing, Sales and IT people are realizing how valuable their efforts are for successful digital marketing.

For example Big Data, the use of analytics, descriptive and predictive analysis, enters the mix of CRM and other Customer-Contact Management systems. This leads to better marketing effectiveness and raises the potential of a higher return on investment. When bundled together, data-driven insights show how to connect the digital dots between real people.

Once you start working your data it can be integrated within the whole organization. For example, in cross selling, cross communication channels and cross customer verticals – but most important – the direct marketing emotional trigger that prompts customers to buy your product.

Customers are becoming more accessible and willing to engage with your brand in many new ways. These results mean all marketing professionals have access to more data about customers than ever before. And with the help of IT, increase direct and digital marketing’s overall effectiveness.

Tuesday: Number 6

Never neglect a good grabber, a call-to-action, which always gets the job done.

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