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SEVEN of Twelve Re’Market’Able Ideas to Increase YOUR Mar’Ket’Ing Response Now…

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Number 7

You can legally taunt, tempt and tease in direct marketing, so why not in digital marketing? Here a few ideas which lead your readers right to your call-to-action!

A teaser that offers a free sample, free issue, prize, complimentary trial, discount, or gift, can be extremely effective. The teaser coaxes, “Order now and get the second one free!”  “Free certificate enclosed.” “You may be the grand prize winner!”

Direct marketers know there is a place for features, but what initiates excitement are the benefits! A benefit teaser promises a specific benefit. It does not talk about features, attributes, or characteristics of your product or service. It only talks about a specific benefit or promise. Such as, “Grow a beautiful head of hair.” “Read more books by increasing your reading speed.” “Build more muscle mass and even lose weight.”

The benefit teaser is more narrowly focused than a simple teaser offer. If you have all the hair you need, the benefit to grow more is not for you. However, if you continue to build better customer profiles and target better, teaser responses increase copy effectiveness, along with the response to your offer.

Friday: Number 8.

Why getting back to BETTER data is so important.

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