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EIGHT of Twelve Re’Market’Able Ideas to Increase YOUR Mar’Ket’Ing Response Now…


the Last Post of The FOUR “Must To-Do’s” (Numbers 5 – 8) of Direct Marketing!


Number 8

Why getting back to data is so important.

Understanding your data analytics and stats even at the lowest level will help you to add better data when you start gaining a better understanding of your customers.

Statistical analysis that was only seen in the world of insurance and finance are now being leveraged by marketing departments to better understand their data. Analytics is becoming more common, affordable and coupled with testing of a direct marketing and mail campaign, leading to better responses.

A marketer can learn enough to understand what the customers or donors are responding to and learning about these results through analytics, meaning the next campaign can realize a better response rate.

The Final Week Starting Monday, December 29th –

Monday: Your Customer Profiles and Segments are Consistently Changing.

Tuesday: Channel changing in a good way.

Wednesday: Don’t try to be perfect.

Friday: Any small business can beat a larger company with the right marketing…

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