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NINE of Twelve Re’Market’Able Ideas to Increase YOUR Mar’Ket’Ing Response Now

 Your Reaction and How To Make the Most Out of Change.


Number Nine.

Your Customer Profiles and Segments are Consistently Changing.

On a beginner’s level, learn to speak to and understand prospects and customers profiles by using the simplest method of demographically. Further, as you build customer profiles, make a few assumptions about your customers. Assumptions are never set in stone.

In today’s digital world use a few select social media communication channels and test a few assumptions using a very small sample size. Always try follow-up using other communication channels to determine if the assumptions make sense.

As you test further and confirm an assumption, consider building a special data segment. The information you collect may even enhance the response rate.

Be aware of the ever changing fickle customer.

You’ll also learn how fickle customers can be. If you want to sell a product or service, you might as well know what customer’s need, and sometimes, having enough good data, may even let you know what they need before they do.

Keep collecting customer and prospect data, keep making assumptions and testing those assumptions because the only constant is change. You may learn early on in your research how to anticipate change and since it happens more frequently, make good use of the situation and update frequently.

Become a student of the ever changing customer.

As you start studying your collected data, you’ll see first-hand it’s important for a business to maintain a strong customer focus. When you spend time to learn more about them and what different needs they have now, allows you to make better assumptions of their future needs.

It is important to keep pace with change and react to it with an appropriate response. Today small businesses can get customer information quickly by using marketing testing and an analytics program, such as Google Analytics.

Tuesday: Number 10.

Channel changing in a good way.

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