TEN of Twelve Re’Market’Able Ideas to Increase YOUR Mar’Ket’Ing Response Now…

How to React and Make the Most Out of Change.


Number 10

Channel changing in a good way.

Just as people click from one channel to the next, it pays to send your message using more than one channel. We all know the frequency of your marketing message is critical to increase response. Unfortunately, some people use it too much, but most not enough and for others, incorrectly.

But by equipping your contact management system with customer channel preferences, you can easily develop the correct frequency of messaging for prospects and customers using the channels they do.

Adding this new found knowledge of your data, you can add a pinch of compelling copy and a touch of eye catching design to increase response from those you selected to receive the message in a different channel. Visit “Never neglect a good grabber, a call-to-action, which always gets the job done.”

Or for the most adventurous marketers, “You can legally taunt, tempt and tease in direct marketing, so why not in digital marketing?”

Another way is to think of your Contact Management System (CMS), especially in B2B Marketing, as your busy book. The CMS can remind all the users to make a call, send another information pack or to schedule a visit at a specific date and time. That is surely better than no response! Visit “When moving to integrate direct marketing into digital, plan to use more and better data management.”


Don’t try to be perfect.

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