Can data help build a stronger relationship between the CEO and CMO?

CMOvsCEOI agree it can, such as, I have personally witnessed marketing teamwork in a variety of small businesses.

There are so many variables in marketing, from data management down to the final say from the customer, that impact marketing and the corner office. Take a cue from a small business – it’s all about teamwork.

Working with small businesses today, I believe using a customer-centric marketing (CCM) strategy can guide any business throughout all interactions that take place between the company and customers. And, that includes customer data.

For example, a small business has less data but what they do have, is a workable data set. Today’s ability to analyze many of the customers buying points increases a company’s customer knowledge. With this knowledge in hand, a company becomes more efficient using their company’s marketing tactics.

Knowing what a customer wants and likes increases the odds for marketing to sell more products. Even when customers send mixed signals in the analysis of their data, you need to take into account that customer whims can change daily. The analytical situation is not perfect but is heading in the right direction.

There are many different reasons why a customer buys a product. They also have many similarities that can be documented and grouped into segments. Good marketing starts by building customer segments, analyzing them, and updating frequently.

Customers are willing to tell you what they want… but the data you collect can reveal even more.

What is the real culprit of the friction between a small business owner and his marketing team? The answer is centered in the efforts of collecting customer data, analysis, testing, and better data management.

I’d be willing to bet there are many similarities between the CEO and CMO.

It’s a never-ending process that can strain any relationship. The owner and the CEO expect more, and the team believes they are giving more attention to the data.

The truth is you can never have enough good data.

And what say you?

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