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Offer something of value free is a difference maker in lead generation.


A free offer is the heart of any lead generation program.

The offer can be a free brochure, white paper, product sample, information kit, special report, catalog, etc. It can be an item you already have. Or you can print an item, especially for your direct mail offer.

This might just be all you need.

Multi-channel marketing is used a lot with direct mail. It’s easy to get a name and address so use direct mail to get something else. Maybe email addresses? Why not, that’s the second best channel to use in direct mail.

Why should you give away anything? Because the point of this lead generating tactic is to identify prospects, so you need to push them to give up something, such as an email address. Or as a wise old owl commented, “you got to give to get something in return.”

This is FREE today.

By offering something free, you make it easy for people to say, “Yes” and identify themselves to you.

Why not simply mail the free items directly to your list? That prevents you from finding out who is interested and pinpointing those who are most worthy of getting a sales call.

Does the free item need to have a value? That depends on what you are going to offer. If it’s a Rolex Watch, you better have a big budget and a very expensive product to sell.

Try my idea. It has worked extremely well.

I have always believed that any client should get more than what they expect. This is another form of FREE which has worked quite well for me.

I’ve always had good luck with my problem solving method of selling. Customers may or may not know if there is a specific problem holding the company back. When you use a problem solving method, and show the value in an offered solution you present, that is many times greater than handing out promotional items. You gain more than just a handshake.

You gain a better “door opener” than a pen or Frisbee. You start to gain trust. If you are into building a better relationship, that is a factor lasting longer than a pen or Frisbee. Try it.

Let me know what you think. Today is best.

Please share with others, except of course, your competition.




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