There Must Be a Better Path to Take to Reach Successful Marketing?

There are many paths to choose, but you must be ready to cause a change.


The best starting point is through your customers and their buying decisions.

I’ve worked with thousands of companies in my career and maybe 20% understand the value of marketing. Fortunately, these are good companies to work for. Unfortunately, they are far and few in between.

The other 80% do not have a clue how valuable marketing is for a business to succeed. If you have heard something similar to these comments you have been warned.

“We need better sales people” –

“Lower the price of product A, hopefully we’ll sell more” –

“Run that ad again and wait for someone to call” –

“Email the newsletter to the company list; it has worked in the past.”

If you think, some of these discussions occurred at a small business, think again.

“Kraft Foods needs to develop better consumer insights to support the marketing it puts behind its brands,” according to the chairman and CEO of the packaged food’s business. Seriously?

Another zinger from a LinkedIn discussion group I read this morning.

“It wasn’t too long ago that I was introduced to the new Head of Marketing in a regional office of one of the world’s biggest organizations, who the previous week had been a middle manager in their HR department.” Yes. this happens quite frequently.

And here’s another comment I captured.

“Big organizations have deep pockets and loads of resources to analyze the results from their marketing efforts, and they are starting to put them to use. Many smaller businesses struggling to keep up could play it smart by watching and learning.”

The final word –

People who succeed in marketing have an innovation and motivational gene to make the next marketing tactic work better than the previous by analyzing, watching others, learning and doing. You may not know it now, but learning and doing is the catalyst for change.

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What do you think? Has social media opened the door on better data? Better Marketing? Digital Marketing?

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