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Every Marketing Communication Channel Used Today Has its Virtue.

In a recent article from our publication, Direct Mail Success, “Seven Smart Ways to Increase Your Email Marketing to Brilliant,” I discuss the merits of using email as a key marketing communication channel, and how to incorporate into digital marketing.

Before I explain how to get a free copy of the article, I recently wrote a report for a client in response of his question, “is there a better method to build a cold calling customer acquisition campaign?” The question got me thinking that more people may be in a similar situation of turning prospects into customers. Please follow along with the short version of DM vs. EM.

Is email up to the challenge?EmailGreen

The first question that I asked for the clients email program was the condition of the list. How old is your email list? Even when using a customer-contact management program or CRM with an email list, without a strong policy to verify that the email address is updated is iffy at best.

If you have an email list of prospects that receive a monthly newsletter, that’s the best place to start. However, that brings us to the second disconnect. The relevancy of a message.

I always recommend that any list used for marketing is segmented or profiled based on present customers are matched to the message. For example, you may find there are a couple of different messages you can add for relevancy. In a cold solicitation that is extremely helpful to get a better response. There is additional information on our webpage for your review and clicks taking you to additional relevant information on customer profiles.

A catchy relevant headline in the email subject is a good start. Let’s say, your monthly email open rate is 15%. The key point again is message relevancy. Today’s email templates are colorful, have catchy graphics and shorter introductory articles with a click to continue reading. Relevancy will kick up the click through rate.

At this point, doing your best on updating the list and adding a relevant message in your email, even with a 3% click through rate, your total response is probably dismal at best.

Direct Mail to the rescue?

EmalVsDirectMail copyDepending on your customers and prospective customers targeted, you’ll probably have a better direct mail list vs. the email list. Using an email list with a direct mail list will help add to your open rate.

Direct mail when used correctly (direct mail is a process of many) will yield a 2% open rate which I would bet is higher than the email open rate.

I know that multi-channel communications can bring a double-digit response, but with email and direct mail together, what should we expect for a response rate?

What happens when you put them together in one campaign?

Yes, the direct mail is significantly more expensive, but usually yields a better open rate, thus creating more initial awareness to your offer.

Then using an email as a follow-up, designed to complement the direct mail piece to maintain your brand awareness, will get stronger recognition.

FreeReportThe email also provides a quicker and easier method to measure response. Anyone who has read an article or two from me, know the value I place on analytics and measurement.

In a cold calling prospect acquisition, I recommend mailing first, and email second. Make sure they both call out the same message.

By the way, the next time I’ll write about an LP, but not the 33-1/3 kind that beats digital music. The one that gets you a double-digit response rate and better data for better marketing communications.

You can download a copy of this special report, “Seven Smart Ways to Increase Your Email Marketing to Brilliant” right now!

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